Only when it rains can you see a rainbow.

I’ve had a hard day.  Seriously!  I won’t go into detail about certain parts of it because it’s unfair to those involved, but suffice to say it was emotionally draining.  To the point I walked across the ham in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of an icy rain shower.  That was uncomfortable.  But on the way, I stopped for some reason and looked back, then looked forward and realised that by pure ‘coincidence’ I had stopped EXACTLY where the rain stopped.  I thought it was weird, but the rainbow was pretty.  I kept walking and sat down for a few minutes at the far side – nothing but blue sky in front of me, huge rainclouds behind me.  It was only on the walk -back- that I realised what it meant.  Only when I looked through the rain, when I looked directly -at- what had previously caused me such discomfort could I see something of such magnificent beauty – the rainbow.  Only when it rains can you see a rainbow.

Apart from all that though, let’s go through a bit of my day because it was very interesting for the most part.

I got up at about 6 o’clock having had more or less two hours of sleep and whacked a few golf balls at a men’s breakfast organised by church.  We had breakfast after hitting the golf balls and it was very delicious.  We then heard a powerful testimony from a guy who had been a cocaine addict and quit -cold turkey- from a £500 per week habit thanks to christianity.  I am still quite sceptical about christianity personally, but unlike some sceptics I know when NOT to take something that powerful away from somebody.  To take someone’s faith is to take their life, and that is something I am not prepared ever to do.  Today’s testimony reinforced that viewpoint for me, so even if I choose not to follow Christ I know I’ll never stop anybody else doing so.

I also watched Star Wars episodes III, IV, V and half of VI.  Rekindled an old love of the films, it did.  Grateful for that, I am.  Speaking in OSV, I enjoy.  Stop, I will.  Ok seriously, I will now.  😛

Anyway that about wraps it up, feel free to leave comments (if it’s working yet – I’ve been fiddling…) or email me.


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