So I went to abergavenny today, my brother went pot-holing or caving or something, I just went to keep dad company for the day as it made little sense for him to go to abergavenny, come back, then almost straight away turn back around and go back out to pick mike up.  So we had a few hours to kill.

First, we walked the dog around a field we had previously walked him around on a camping holiday – it seemed much smaller this time, but perhaps that’s because I’m now used to a large field in which we normally walk our dog (tewkesburians refer to it as “The Ham”, though I’m not sure how local that name is).  Once we’d done that, we put him in the car and walked into town to get a bite to eat.  We decided upon subway and spent a few minutes searching for it, finally finding it at one end of town.  We ordered, ate and had a peaceful discussion about the degradation of society.

Once we had eaten, we drove around for a while looking for somewhere to walk the dog, finally settling on a spot just opposite our previous campsite which was an interesting hillwalk.  It started off quite scrabbly, which I took to with ease (and, surprisingly, my old dad did too!) and took us through a wood eventually opening up onto a wide track which led to the top.  We stopped after a while on the track as it was beginning to go down the side of the hill which was rather deficient in cars belonging to us.  Since a circular track would seem to have necessitated the travelling down the rather busy road at the bottom of the hill, we decided to go back the way we came (which was partly the plan all along, given the fact we had predicted a lack of options in this regard – so much the plan in fact that I had left a marker at one of the only junctions we had come to, as the path we had come up was not the “main” path and therefore we could easily have got lost had it not been for that marker).

After we got back to the car, we still had a few hours to kill so we motored on back into town and sat down in a nice out of the way cafe called… amiglios? it was something italian or spanish, anyhow.  The waitress who took our order was very friendly.  We sat and sipped conversation while having a tea, which was most pleasant.  I personally was beginning to develop a headache so before we returned to the car we picked up some paracetamol.  I took a couple on the way back to the car and then we went to pick up mike, I think.

I missed a few large periods of nothing-happening-ness, as I feel the day was quite boring enough as it was without needing to be endullened (if only language permitted) by said periods.  I did enjoy that walk, though, despite falling over at one point (misjudged just how muddy the ground was – it was a hot day today, so I wasn’t expecting a veritable mini-marshland in the middle of a field) and scratching my hand – not that I noticed I had scratched it until I saw the blood, but that’s just my nature.  Maybe because I was brought up for the most part in the countryside (or what I would describe as fairly rural ground anyway) but more likely a natural predisposition to getting on with it when I’m outside in the fresh air enjoying myself.

So that was my day, pretty interesting for me at the time but probably not so much for anybody who got this far through the story without collapsing in a heap from a mixture of heat exhaustion, boredom and spending WAY too long glued to their screen.



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