The two servers I ordered from ebay have arrived!  £235 for:


  • Intel Xeon 3.2GHz (/proc/cpuinfo reports 2 cores)
  • 1024MB of RAM (free reports 1023012 bytes)
  • 73.1GB 15k RPM SCSI hard disk drive (df reports 67456272 bytes on /)
  • 2x1Gb ethernet (both identical Intel 82541GI Gigabit Ethernet Controllers)
  • Floppy disk drive, CD ROM drive, front-availability VGA and 2xUSB


Same as above

W1zard is already up and running, serving you this webpage!  W1tch will be up when I work out how to configure the network (I’m thinking internet->router->w1zard->w1tch->war1ock for the time being, with w1tch and war1ock later becoming siblings in a w1zard-controlled network).

Problems encountered so far:

  1. Missing kettle leads for both servers (borrowed a couple, ordered some from Ebay so I can return the borroed cables)
  2. W1zard’s RAID was set to RAID 0, but the second disk had been removed – so I got a RAID error on first boot – solved by switching RAID off in the BIOS.
  3. Minor damage to w1tch’s front mount thingy, fixed by bending it back the couple of mil it was out by.

They are also very noisy, and very big; which doesn’t matter in the long run as their ultimate location will be the attic, but for now they are on my desk and very much in the way.

Both servers also came without any software, but the MBs support PXE; but it was a quicker job to use a Ubuntu 9.10 server edition disk on w1zard – I may experiment with PXE when I get w1tch up and running.

Any questions?