Long time no post!

Ok so a lot has happened.  Rachael left me for a fella named Tom Coutts.  All the best to them, it was a totally painful experience at the time but I’ve realised that anybody who’s going to leave me for somebody else isn’t worth getting upset about.  No offence, Rachael, and yes I know you said it was for umpteen other reasons but frankly you’re not going to be able to bullshit me with that “it’s your own fault” rubbish if you go out with someone else 2 weeks after we broke up.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Ok so in lighter news, I’ve made some new friends, discovered a love for Bon Jovi and that’s about it.  Still no direction in my life, but I’d like to take an LPI exam so I can become a Linux System Administrator.  That costs money though, and I really don’t know where I can get £120 from.

So yeah, life is still its usual roller coaster.  Everything broke in the last 2 months or so, and I’m gradually fixing what I can – my desktop was the first to officially be labelled “mended”.  My phone, my netbook and my relationship with Rachael have all be written off as irreparable.  Next thing to work on is my ability to finish projects (something I’ve never really had fixed).  Any help with that would be appreciated, but I don’t know who I’m talking to.  I don’t really have a support network.  Oh well.