Emma the OS

It’s been a while since my rather heartbroken post in August entitled “Long Time No Post” to which my last comment was proven true (no replies…) I’ve since managed to repair my xbox, but it broke again shortly afterwards and this time I shall have to replace it. It is decidedly irreparable (several unsuccessful attempts have been made).

I have not made any progress on the “finishing what I start” quest, but that’s not really the purpose of this post.

I have started an Operating System project called Emma. So far I’ve only written the bootloader, and it’s a very simplistic bootloader at that. It doesn’t even load a kernel yet. It does, however, go over its 512 byte mark, which means I now have to learn how to make a two-stage loader because it don’t fit in the bootsector of a floppy.

The Makefile I’m very impressed with myself at though. I don’t have to type the usual 5 or 6 commands to recompile and test the OS, all I have to do is type “make” and up pops a virtual machine running Emma 0.0.1! woo!

Here’s some sample output:

Welcome to Emma version 0.0.1.
Detecting RAM… 637KB [OK]
Loading Kernel..[ERR]
Error reading floppy:[A]

It should be noted that the Error in this output is because the kernel doesn’t exist (and I’m pretty sure my loader code is fucked anyway) and the A next to floppy doesn’t mean Drive A:, it’s -supposed- to be a hexadecimal representation of the error code (stored in AH, should be TWO hex bits long) but the routine for printing said code appears to be… well, it obviously doesn’t work.

Hooray for it actually outputting anything though! You wouldn’t believe how excited I was just to get the thing booting yesterday, I’m telling ya! ^_^