Real Estate Tycoon

I swear, I’m addicted.  My brother introduced me to the application and after I’d earnt him a cool 6 million I decided I should stop working for him and branch out on my own so I added it to my account and have since amassed a fortune of roughly 11 point five million dollars.  Fun stuff.

In other news, I walked the dog today.  Wow, don’t you just hate it when people blog their day to day activities alongside the mildly interesting stuff?  Oh well.  I also procrastinated a lot from the various undertakings I should be… undertaking; and drank copious amounts of tea (as per usual).

I have been informed that people may be unable to post comments on my blog entries.  If you are one of the people experiencing difficulty in this area then please bear with me as I get to the root of the problem and tug at it until the whole blog suddenly gives and I end up flying backwards across my room, problem in hand and large blog-shaped hole in computer… but let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and that I instead simply find and enable the obviously obscure “freedom of speech” option.

In the mean time, you can still send me feedback!