So I spent a few minutes today fixing some minor mail problems which involved a DNS entry not existing locally and therefore the remote entry (specifically, the one from the SOA – and/or was being used instead – which for my particular application wasn’t favourable.  Well, it’s all sorted now.  But the solution was a bit hacky and reminded me again to (at some point) build and install my own router/server/gateway instead of relying on (frankly) substandard “home networking devices”.

[several rants were removed here; suffice to say I am frustrated by the way electronics manufacturers (and computer hardware/software manufacturers) patronise their userbase]

I also started thinking about considering beginning to work on a first draft of an initial revision of a rough screenplay.  I had a few ideas, the one which stood out was Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Low Budget Edition.  I figure if I make it -purposely- low budget, it could turn out quite comical.  Watch this space for abandonment-of-project notice.

In other news, my micronation has stalled somewhat.  If anybody could help me think of a name, I would very much appreciate it.