So I set up an NNTP server (ie one that serves usenet-style newsgroups) on my host, mostly as an experiment but that doesn’t mean I’ll object if anybody else feels like posting to any of the groups on it (you could even get your own newsgroup on the server if you ask nicely enough!).

For those with a newsreader, here is a news link to the feed.

For those without (which will be most of you), I have setup a web frontend with a funny random headline (currently with about 8000 headline combinations available) at:

Thanking you, that is all for now!  I know, it’s too short; I’ll post again soon don’t worry!



So I spent a few minutes today fixing some minor mail problems which involved a DNS entry not existing locally and therefore the remote entry (specifically, the one from the SOA – and/or was being used instead – which for my particular application wasn’t favourable.  Well, it’s all sorted now.  But the solution was a bit hacky and reminded me again to (at some point) build and install my own router/server/gateway instead of relying on (frankly) substandard “home networking devices”.

[several rants were removed here; suffice to say I am frustrated by the way electronics manufacturers (and computer hardware/software manufacturers) patronise their userbase]

I also started thinking about considering beginning to work on a first draft of an initial revision of a rough screenplay.  I had a few ideas, the one which stood out was Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Low Budget Edition.  I figure if I make it -purposely- low budget, it could turn out quite comical.  Watch this space for abandonment-of-project notice.

In other news, my micronation has stalled somewhat.  If anybody could help me think of a name, I would very much appreciate it.