Techie stuff again

Dunno why I made that rule, I’ve never been one for following orders.

Anyway, here’s a brief update on the status of sophie.

She has been placed in an SVN repository (read-only anonymous access available), and is stable(ish)!

Ok, so she doesn’t do much more than she used to, but she’s a little more developer-friendly, and on that note the project has gained a developer!  Yes, my good friend Spoon has been recruited into the project and we shall procede forth with vigour and determination!  After a procedural discussion meeting, of course, and several planning council arrangements.  Not to mention the beuracracy enablement committee formation…  But as soon as all of that is out of the way, we can get right to programming.  Well, not -right to- as such, I mean we’ll first have to submit the application to consider beginning, which needs to be approved by the select general committee.  But -then- we’ll get into the nitty gritty business of programming!  After tea, of course, because it’ll be quite late in the day by then.  And then we’ll have to have the post-tea project alignment talk, which is followed by tea and coffee in the foyer.  Once all that is out of the way, we’ll get to programming!  I think…



So I’ve started programming again.  Woo!  My current working development directory (with nightly tarballs of each directory automatically created).

Also, I set up a development newsgroup for you to keep track of my development stuffies – mostly so that I can keep my blog clear of such things.  I’d prefer my blog to be as non-technical as possible, because of its demographic (my non-technical friends).  If you are interested in my development doobries, I suggest subscribing to news://

The most intriguing of my new projects is Sophie, who will be an artificial intelligence unit designed for simulated human interaction (Simulated Original Personality for Human Interaction Emulation is what I think the acronym shall be, but it’s a reverse acronym – the name “sophie” comes from the greek for “wisdom”).  The code is GPL’d but has a couple of extra conditions attached at the bottom of the LICENSE file; still should be Free according to the FSF though so don’t go getting your knickers in a twist just yet!

So far, sophie is proving already to be quite frustrating; mostly because I don’t actually know C++ but partly because I don’t actually know C++.  I probably should have stuck to what I know and programmed her in C, but then I’ve never been very good at making life easy for myself.  I find easy life boring though, so it’s all good!

If anybody wants to get involved with the development of Sophie, feel free to email me or post to the news group (which should allow posting by just about anyone, with moderation to be performed on an “innocent-until-proven-spamity” basis).  I’m always open to suggestion and now is a good time to get involved because she’s very young and therefore easy to work with (for now).

Well, that just about wraps it up for today.  I must get back to realigning the personality supersimulators so that the reticulation of the subego doesn’t unbalance the philanthropic stabilisers… taking into account, of course, anti-flux in the positronic consciousness generator.  After all, we wouldn’t want the temporo-spatial anomoliser to decouple inside the self-awareness module…  That would wreak havoc with the decalibration matrices…