Who’d have ’em?

I took mine for a walk today, as part of my new “one walk a day” exercise routine, and he embarrassed me muchly.  He very much enjoys playing in the water, but since I am the only one who actually allows him to frollick to his heart’s content (from time to time), he doesn’t ever want to stop, for fear the opportunity will not again arise.  Frustrating, but manageable (usually).

In the end, about 15 people saw my dog’s total lack of obedience, including a rather friendly young lady whose dog seemed also rather fond of the water (but who also seemed easier to reclaim than my dog).  Probably the least embarrassing, as she seemed very acquainted with the manner in which dogs behave (in particular, the fact that they have minds of their own!); but nevertheless the most notable acquaintance.  I shall hope to meet her again soon, though I don’t know why I am documenting that fact (maybe I revel in embarrassment).

On a side note, I am still hoping to travel europe and move to america, the timeframe seems to be very squishy at the moment so I’m going to hold off on updating you on precisely when/how these events are going to occur.  Suffice to say, I have not forgotten my plans.