General updateyness

First of all, let’s introduce my readers to the new FSF campaign.

So basically, they are telling everybody what they already know (Windows sucks) and what they might not already know (there’s an alternative, and it’s FREE!).

As we all know, I’m an Open Source Advocate, and as such I will be participating in the Windows 7 Sins campaign at some point, I just need to figure out how.

My girlfriend, Rachael, who is wonderful, is visiting me tomorrow for three days, so I’m very happy about that…

I’ve replaced my website’s half-dozen links with a single link to my new forum community, which is also the temporary home of a social club founded by myself and my good friend, Bret Ware, Port Manteau.

I’ve started work on Pre-planning Phase 0 of a new project, which is an LMOFPS called “Ossum”.  I take exception to the term “MMO”, which implies that these games are massive, which is of course, totally untrue.  For those who are saying “what? but they’re HUGE!!! How can you say they aren’t massive?!” I will give you a brief physics lesson:  The word “massive” means “consisting of great mass; containing a great amount of matter”.  This is not the only definition, it is accepted colloquially as meaning “large in size or bulky”.  However, since the first meaning exists (and is my preferred meaning for the word), AND there are plenty of other words to describe something that is bulky, large, great, grandiose, enormous, huge, big or gigantic (have I proved my point yet), I see no reason to introduce ambiguity into the expression simply to please some marketing exec somewhere who wanted to press the word “Massive”.

So we’re calling them LMOs from now on, mmmmmkay?  LMO, BMO, GMO, EMO, HMO, I don’t mind which so long as it isn’t MMO!  EMO has a nice ring to it… Enormous Multiplayer Online Game… mmmmm EMO-licious.

Anyway back to updating you.  I’ve also switched from Gnome to KDE, preferring the glassy, classy look and feel of KDE, and the easier development process.

Oh, and I’ve got back into Star Trek in a big way, I’ll be buying a new computer shortly and I may well get Star Trek Online at some point, so if you’re also planning to get it then look out for me in the Alpha quadrant! 😉