Transcript from Dell Sales

I contacted Dell Sales about Free Software.  This is the transcript:

17:51:04     Chris Browne
Initial Question/Comment: What kind of options do you offer for Free Software enthusiasts?
17:51:19     System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
17:51:19     System
Connected with rayees_fatima
17:51:29     rayees_fatima
Thank you for contacting Dell Sales Chat. This is Rayees Fatima, your Online Sales Advisor. Please give me a moment while I review your query. In order to serve you better, may I have your telephone number & email address, Just in case of disconnection I can either call you or email you back.
17:51:59     rayees_fatima
Would you be interested in buying a Desktop/Laptop Computer?
17:52:17     Chris Browne
Yes, with Free Software installed.
17:53:13     Chris Browne
(ie not Microsoft Windows but a Free alternative)
17:56:14     rayees_fatima
I am afraid that’s not possible to offer any alternative
17:56:23     Chris Browne
Why not?
17:57:14     rayees_fatima
May i know the E Value Code? Which is either above the price or below the price?
17:57:44     Chris Browne
I’m sorry, I cannot decipher that message.
17:58:29     rayees_fatima
17:59:26     Chris Browne
Why can’t I choose a Free alternative to Microsoft Windows?
18:00:24     rayees_fatima
That’s not possible…
18:00:44     Chris Browne
I know, you’ve told me already. I’m asking why it is not possible.
18:01:44     rayees_fatima
Would that be fine if I call you back in 20 to 30 minutes, with the information…
18:02:06     Chris Browne
You could email me, with the information, I would be happy for that.
18:02:44     rayees_fatima
18:02:54     Chris Browne
Thank you very much for your time.
18:03:14     rayees_fatima
Thank you for contacting Dell Sales Chat and allowing me the opportunity to assist you. Have a wonderful Day.
18:03:19     System
rayees_fatima has left this session!
18:03:19     System
The session has ended!
18:05:41     System
The session has ended!

Here is the email (s)he sent me: Yup, 2 hours later and still no email.  I’m assuming (s)he’s given up searching google for “why Dell is crap?”.


Servers! Roof!

Yes, my servers are finally in the roof; which means I can relax and wipe everything off my whiteboard.  I’m happy.  I’m also connected through w1zard who is now our network’s personal Proxy server (currently optional, in the long run mandatory).  It caches and filters and makes life more streamlined and safer for the old fogeys in the house who are a little naive to say the least (my mother searched Google for “fisting”, thinking it was the act of shaking one’s fist; which first prompted me to think about setting up a filtering proxy).

Ossum has changed its name to Enosis and still hasn’t been worked on very much; but the infrastructure is now in place so the next step is to write a plan and then a tech demo.  Fun, fun, fun!

I’ve received four 7″x5″ canvases and finally dug out mum’s old acrylics (of which there is a disappointingly small pallet, but it should be significant for the work I have planned); I will be painting four abstract works entitled “Battlefield of the Mind”.  Pictures once I’ve actually done it.

I have also begun thinking about considering contemplating starting to ponder the possibility of organising a “Geeknic” over the summer, so if you’re a geek in the Tewkesbury area (or a geek who can reasonably travel to the Tewkesbury area) then get in touch, the more the merrier!

Very excited about finally having my desktop back…  And my whiteboard, for that matter!

Oh, and started work on a computerised Rubik’s Cube solver with the ultimate goal of making a robot that will solve rubik’s cubes (hopefully to be shown off at the geeknic).